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What Are the Warning Signs of TTTS

Warning signs in the mother include:

Bullet Point The sensation of a rapid growth of the womb
Bullet Point A uterus that measures large for dates
Bullet Point Abdominal pain or tightness, or uterine contractions
Bullet Point Sudden increases in body weight
Bullet Point Hand and leg swelling in early pregnancy

Warning signs in the twins appear on ultrasound scans and include:

Bullet Point Evidence of a monochorionic or shared placenta
Bullet Point A single placenta
Bullet Point Same sex twins
Bullet Point A thin, hard to see, dividing membrane

Evidence of TTTS

Bullet Point Polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid) in the sac of one twin
Bullet Point Oligohydramnios (decreased to no amniotic fluid) in the sac of the other twin
Bullet Point Size differences (discordance) in the twins
Hydrops fetalis (water in one baby's body from heart failure)

It is crucial for parents with a multiple gestation to determine their placental type early. With monochorionic twins, you should watch carefully for the warning signs listed above. Since TTTS is a high-risk problem that can happen quickly and at any time in pregnancy, frequent examinations and ultrasound scans are necessary to catch the problem early. It is critical that physicians be aware of the warning signs. THE FOUNDATION ADVOCATES WEEKLY ULTRASOUNDS WITH A PERINATOLGIST FROM 16 WEEKS GESTATION THROUGH DELIVERY TO LOOK FOR PLACENTAL SHARE PROBLEMS AND TTTS.

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A form of TTTS, TAPS can occur after laser surgery or during a monochorionic pregnancy with no signs of TTTS or problems.
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Updated List of Questions

Questions to Ask at Every Ultrasound. Ultrasounds Must Be Weekly Starting at 16 Weeks.
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